Sunday, March 31, 2013

Oh, Stupidity Alert!

Whispering Wind
 The hotel lounge was covered in bookshelves. At first, he thought they were just shelves.
“Oh, no. Bookshelves,” corrected the receptionist.
“But… where are the books?”
“Oh, no idea….”
The blatant disinterest of the young lady bothered him.
“How do you know these are bookshelves?”
“Oh, I know,” she muttered.
“Did someone tell you?”
“Oh, no...”
He always expected her to say more, how frustrating.
“Right, I’ll buy a book tomorrow and place it on that shelf.”
“Oh, we don’t need books gathering dust here…”
“Bookshelves gather dust too!”
“Oh, not as much…”
He sighed hopelessly and thought “Oh, dear…” 
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