Sunday, December 6, 2015

Pick a card… any card!

Mare Serenitatis

The seer spread the cards on the table.
“Pick a card… any card.”
The one Sophie picked said “Wind, Doll, Disgust”.
“Which deck is this?” asked Sophie.
“My own… You’ll die.”
Sophie was horrified. She had been told that seers never announced someone’s death like that.
“What does that have to do with wind, doll and…?”
Annoyed, Sophie left.
A gust of wind dragged a naked, headless doll to Sophie’s feet; it was covered in blood. She stopped to kick it out of her way and… a piano fell on her head.
Yep, the seer was still learning.


  1. lol!! I am so glad I am not one of your characters- although once in awhile.....

    1. Haha, Cybele. I know... I'm a bit like Stephen King. Wasn't he the one who said "Kill your darlings" about the characters in a story?