Sunday, December 13, 2015


Milk Wood

It was impossible not to notice the stench.
Postal Inspection officers opened the parcel. Dogs were called in to sniff the box for drugs and human remains. They found nothing.
The parcel was sent on its way.
The next day, the news reported the mysterious death of an elderly couple, after the mail was delivered to them.
No one mentioned the man with a grudge against the Postal Inspection Services, grumbling in his living-room.
Opening the box should have triggered an immediate lethal chemical reaction. Okay, it was a really bad idea to send the damn parcel to his parents…


  1. oh I hope you will put these all together one day in the book of disasters!!! :)

    1. Exactly. "The Book of Disasters", there's a title right there. Hugs, Cybele. Hope you're well. Thank you for dropping by.