Sunday, March 30, 2014

Who Do You Miss?

Vice City
The roller-coaster was closed. A crowd of people stood at the gates of the Carnival. The media gathered, awkwardly silent except for one reporter. 
“Who do you miss?” he asked. 
“I miss my friend Tom,” replied the kid. 
The reporter motioned his cameraman to go back in the van. No report would come out of this... 
He took one last glance at the crowd of sad people, poor souls. They had all been decapitated by that darn roller-coaster and apparently they didn’t know it yet. 
Of all things, the reporter couldn’t help thinking “I would’ve replied… I definitely miss myself”.


  1. oh those wonderful surprise endings and twists!! Masterfully Hitchcockian ( if there is such a word!!) In spite of the brevity, it tells such a story!!
    Another well done!!

    1. TY, Cybele! Sometimes I think that people will go "huh?!" after reading such a piece. I'm glad you've enjoyed it!