Sunday, December 8, 2013

I'm a Golden Monkey!

I'm a goal oriented person, yes, I confess, I am!, and today I have reached a goal I set almost two years ago with I Don't Know! I wrote one hundred 100 Word Stories for Laurence Simon's Weekly Challenge and Podcast and now I can call myself a Golden Monkey. \o/ Hah!

Now seriously, it was this challenge that, back then and often still today, pushed me to write on a regular basis (thank you!).

I had been writing all my life, but only when "inspiration" struck. Having to write weekly and being "limited" to the 100-word rule made me look at language, pace, plot, characters in a totally different way.

Anyone can blabber on and on. However, it takes skill to write a story as short as these stories and actually say something.
A bunch of people do it weekly and they do it amazingly. Laurence does it daily, but that's a different story altogether!

 You should check the weekly challenge and take the chance. It's a great way to learn about (your) writing and be inspired by others' creativity.
Aim for the Golden Monkey!


  1. LizsN┬║1Fan12/18/2013

    OMG YAYYYYY, Youre a Golden Monkey, A Golden Woman, A Golden Writer, a Golden Everything, but above all A GOLDEN SOUL!! Congratulations!! You deserve the SUN!! Next goal I guess would be to become a Diamond Monkey Rofl, you will become all you wish because you are simply THE BEST!!

    1. Awww! Thaaaaaaaaaaaank you!* ROFL, I must suggest that to Crap!

  2. Anonymous1/06/2014

    Well done, Lizzie! Onward and upward :)

    1. Thank you, Serendipity! :) Appreciate your comment!