Sunday, October 27, 2013


It's official. I am writing a novel in 30 days. Crazy, huh? Yep! I'm joining the thousands all over the world who have been taking part in the NaNoWriMo event for years during the month of November. Lots of crazy people out there!
This is not my first attempt. I tried before, unofficially, without telling anyone and... I failed! Go figure! It's one of the suggestions they give you is to tell EVERYONE! The pressure!
So, this year, a number of things fell into place and I am taking the plunge!
The account is created, and the book even has a name already... a tentative one, but nevertheless a name... "Obscure Connections". It'll be a mystery/thriller/suspense story, that is if things don't change dramatically, which is something that tends to happen when I am writing longer stories!
I was invited by Andrea Pring (Harriet Gausman in Second Life) of the Virtual Writers Inc. to be one of the hosts of the Virtual Writers' Scrimmages on Twitter. These will take place every Wednesday, starting at 12pm (noon) GMT and lasting 12 hours. We start this upcoming Wednesday, October 30! I'm on at 2pm GMT for a fierce word battle!
Also, if you are a Second Life resident, you might want to check the Milk Wood Wrimos inworld. Lots of write-ins, workshops and support in this extraordinarily crazy endevour!
Wish me luck!!

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