Wednesday, September 11, 2013

There'll Be Stories Soon!

My writing room in Borgatti!
It's time to get back to work! 

Yes, I've been drafting a longer story to be written in November, but things have been pretty slow in the writing department. 

Yay for the Weekly Challenges at the 100 Word Stories that keep me going!

Sooo, after the June Avatar Blogger Month that brough to life It Takes a Village (short-story) and Blind Jump Into (flash-fiction), now is the moment to get busy again!

This time, I am working on a series of flash-fiction stories based on pictures taken by amazing Second Life photographers and bloggers. These pictures have touched me, moved me, made me think, and when that happens, I write!

A special thank you to Canary Beck, Connie Arida, Honour McMillan, Strawberry Singh, Whiskey Monday, Yordie Sands and Ziki Questi for trusting me with their work, feelings and thoughts so eloquently put into a picture. Also thank you to Vanessa Blaylock for planting the seed for this project by showing me Connie’s work and putting me in contact with her.

These stories will be published at iRez in the Wonder/Stories section.

There’ll be stories soon!


  1. GuessWho9/13/2013

    OMG, OMG, OMG....faints ;-)) Already counting the hours, but gosh, too many till november. How am I to survive till then without my favourite writer stories? Yes, you read right, my favourite and that is YOU!! I guess i will just go back to the first post and read them all again . That way i wont miss you too much, even though i will. You are the best Lizzie!! Keep up the wonderful work, I love it!!xxxooo

  2. :) Well, the November project is a different one. This is for iRez, a series of flash-fiction stories, that all set together just might make a story too! I'm still brainstorming it, although I have already started writing the first story. TY for your support. xoxo