Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Dark Lord's Predicament


Roaming about in the dark room (yes, he was old-school), the Dark Lord checked the results of his latest work. He had recently become obsessed with photographing every unusual scene he came across, the kid next door who stuck his head in the ground looking for haunted beads (no one really knew how he did it and how the mysterious beads got haunted), the elderly woman down the street levitating above the ground and taking off at high speed, and the neighbor’s dog scratching the tree that opened a portal at the back of the garden. When the photos came up, he was pleased to see that they looked great! He thought of offering them to the people who were photographed. Well, the kid was missing, the elderly woman too and the dog was nowhere to be seen. By taking a photo of them, the Dark Lord had deleted them by accident. 
“Umm…,” he thought, “must’ve been those darn haunted beads the kid gave me, all nicely arranged in a cool little bracelet. Why did I put them in the bag where I had my camera?”

Prompts: The Dark Lord rides in force tonight and Accident

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