Monday, January 21, 2013


Avatar Games

A moment, a fraction, a glimpse into a world of togetherness triggered a snapshot of love. She held her soul close to her heart sheltering it away from the curiosity of others. No sum of money. Her soul was her shield. While treading under the spotlights of fame, her resolve slowly faded away, only a few drops of color left spilling from the corners of her stance. A storm. She pulled the collar of her coat up to protect her uncertainty and walked forward pretending to be fearless when inside a wave of panic took over. The paparazzi pointed their cameras at her, a flash blitzed. Momentary blindness and she recalled her childhood. That day when a phone call made her parents so happy, that day her life changed forever. That was the last day. Interviews followed auditions, films followed television series, a roller-coaster of public events forever crushing the child who held her soul close to her adult heart.

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