Monday, January 30, 2012

Time Still Whispers

Karuna Poems
Age 13
The movements of will shy away from my present.
It's a smile away and yet so farther away.
I try to dismiss the obvious, they try to dismiss the obvious.
A storm is closing in and blindness.
It's time, it's time... The movements of my will shy away from my future.

Age 14
The body refuses to work, I am lost and fearful.
What is to come! What?
I am tempted to run... I am tempted...
But time speaks to me, whispers to me, low and sweet.
It moves me to be patient, it murmurs a sigh of shades...
I wait...

Age 19
Time... and the body was plundered by others and breathing became a machine, I wait...
Painful flashes of past lives... and breathing has a machine... I wait...
I am there, just there, and I wait.. not breathing... and I wait...
Their wings are white and they flee.
Breathing is a machine.

Age 35
Body and soul struggle to hear life within.
My body, my soul. I struggle.
Within me life struggles to smile.
I am whole. I am whole. I am whole.
Repetition of life and time.
My future is now and I learn, I move, I breathe.
Time still whispers. I am patient.
I lost. I fear.
But I am not blind.

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