Monday, December 18, 2017

A Promise Is a Promise


Correct me if I'm wrong. This was to be the last day of your life. You confirmed it. And yet, here you are before me, denying everything. I simply don't understand. Drop the hat, lose the coat and move. Yes, move. This is serious. There's no other choice. We don't allow liars in here. And you are a liar, trust me, you are. You may deny it till the end of your life, which was to be today... See what you have done? There's nothing worse than trusting a liar... And you begged and begged and it won't be the last day of your petty, little, miserable life after all. Shame on you. I have honor. When I said I'd kill you, I meant it. And now you are making me go back on my word. You're making me look bad. Pathetic.

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