Friday, September 16, 2016

Of a Sim Creator and a Writer

Sometimes, magic happens.

A few weeks ago, I published a short story called "The Toy Maker". This story was inspired by Boudicca's HestiumOne of my favorite places in Second Life, Hestium had recently been rebuilt. New houses, new fictional residents, new lives and, of course, new stories. Hestium has been a source of inspiration and ideas for many of my projects. But this time, I decided to write a whole story based on it.

Boudicca read my story and had a few ideas of her own. Mind you, we didn't talk about any of our projects but, somehow, one thing led to another and...

I had to read this line twice before it hit me! That house had become Claire's home. My story had triggered a new life for the house and, after Boudicca read it, for my character as well.

I visited Hestium once more to check for myself. And this is what I saw.

 Claire's new home.

 The toy is still there.

 The upper floor.

 Claire still has her animals.

 And the sea...

Before I left, I took a moment to think this through. I took what Boudicca created at Hestium and brought characters to life. And Boudicca read my story and "wrote" it further. And we never talked about this, or planned anything.

Sometimes, magic does happen.

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