Sunday, March 20, 2016


Wilanow Palace and Gardens

The kids made fun of Bernie whenever he said “I’m a King.”
What he meant was he belonged to the old local King family, although he wasn't called “King”.
Bernie was, however, proud of his heritage and no one would convince him otherwise.
Fresh out of College, a distant cousin called Harold King introduced him to the right people.
When Bernie came back for his high-school reunion, the kids sure didn't make fun of him when he said “I’m a king!”
He had married into a European royal family and had become king, only in title, but still a king.


  1. Hey Lizzie, another great one! I have been quite busy RL as of late but haven't forgotten you!

    1. Cybele! *waves* Thank you. Same here... Hope you're well and things are falling into place as you want them to!