Sunday, September 28, 2014


Milk Wood

Never had Ronald felt so insulted. It was true that he dragged his feet in the morning and that he tried to cut short the work day by starting to get ready to leave the office half an hour before the end of the shift.

However, he had never missed a day’s work, never lost a paper or misfiled a document.

“You’re always stealing our doughnuts,” was far more than he could handle. He even brought the coffee, well, once or twice a month. The least the crew could do was to allow him to take a doughnut, or three.


  1. I agree, Ronald deserves donuts!! Nicely done Lizzie!

    1. Hehe! I used the word "never" as much as I could without sounding silly, just because I wanted people going... I thought the prompt was "always"! And then... voilá... an "always" close to the end. Silly, I know, but fun!